To place an order please email us at or call us at (917) 573-3117. Or please visit one of our fine retailers which can be found on our dealers page.

We accept payment via personal check, money order, major credit cards or through Paypal.

In stock orders are usually paid in full. Depending on custom order details payment is either in full or split into 2 payments.* Lead time varies and is largely based on production run status and position. Orders are typically fullfilled between 6-10 weeks but range from 4 -16 and there is no guarantee on custom order lead times, but we will keep you updated along the build process.

Custom Head-Shell orders typically require you to send us your amp head. There are 3 basic options for fitting.

1. Preferred - Send us your head and when the project is done we'll send it back to you ready to go, along with your old head-shell (if you choose).
2. 2nd Best - Send us your head, and we'll blue print the measurements we need and then send your original head back to you. When the shell is complete it will be sent to you and you assemble it.
3. Least preferred - We'll tell you what numbers we need and you provide us with the measurements as precisely as possible, as well as photos. While this is clearly the easiest route for the player, we cannot guarantee a perfect fit because you are providing the numbers. If you're very comfortable with a ruler and have one that measures in 32nds this can work for you.

We also are able to fit certain brands and model amps standard, in which case fitting is not necessary, we can install your amp for you if you send it to us or you can do it yourself if you choose.

*Please note, new orders over $500 may be eligible for split payment; which is typically 50% to start and the remaining 50% + s&h due approx. 10 days before ready for shipping. Only in stock inventory deposits are refundable. There are no refunds for custom orders, once the build has begun you are responsible for the balance. There are also no refunds for run place holder deposits. Balances more than 30 days overdue may be subject to penalty.