Do Hardwoods really make a difference??

The short answer is absolutely! A speaker cabinet is very similar to an acoustic guitar, both are really just resonant sound chambers. When you change the woods on an acoustic it changes the sound.a maple acoustic sounds one way, a rosewood another etc. The same holds true for a speaker cabinet. Some differences are more dramatic than others, but there is no doubt that there is a difference. Tonewoods each impart a unique character and frequency response to the cabinet, and it allows not only for a beautiful package, but more importantly it allows us to work with each customer to determine what the ideal tone is for them and likewise match woods and drivers to get as close as possible to that tone.

There are some who doubt that tonewoods make a difference in a speaker cabinet, but there are just 2 things I say to those. First, there are quite a few reasons major manufacturers have used plywood (or less) over the years. Instead of boring you with those reasons I'll simply ask this.would you play a guitar made of plywood?? Chances are you're saying no. It's not that plywood doesn't sound good (it's all a matter of personal taste anyway), but rather that it sounds lifeless and mundane. The biggest reason is that plywood is made up of a tremendous amount of glue! And that glue acts like a dampening barrier. Secondly, try one for yourself, in person, and you'll hear the difference, if you don't a trip to the audiologist may be in order.

What Makes KW Cabs sound bigger??

The use of specific ports in the design great increases not only the bass response but bass projection as well. Likewise many mid range frequencies also gain projection which allows for an incredibly full rich sound.

How does the bracingless baffle work??

Attaching the baffle board directly to the cabinet walls achieves two things. First, vibrations that are transmitted from the speaker frame to the baffle are further transmitted into the actual cabinet which increases the "woody" sound. Secondly, it allows for tighter joints and an overall stronger cabinet. Overall it makes for a better sounding cabinet! Exotic wood models that are prone to cracking or have purposely designed thinner walls may not be able to use the "bracingless baffle" system and will be installed with either a traditional or modified system.

Do you offer Tolex??

We do now!!! Previously we only offered hardwood cabinets and did not cover them. Over the years though we developed an entire tolex Working Artist Line as well as our Hybrid Line of cabinets. All of our Hardwood Standard Line cabinets can also be covered however, only in the standard wood, Poplar.

Isn't my cabinet going to get all banged up??

Do you bang your prized guitar into walls and objects often? Chances are not likely, so why do it to your cabinet. Each cabinet is coated with a finish much the same as a guitar and can stay beautiful for a very long time. That said, a high quality slip cover, such as those we offer from Tuki, is always recommended and will keep your cabinet in great condition. For those on large tour format gigs custom road cases are available.

What sort of finish do you use?

We use a pre-catalyzed water based lacquer. Each cabinet receives 1-2 coats of sealer and color if necessary and multiple coats of lacquer.