Below you will find our current inventory. We typically do not stock or produce much inventory as most of our pieces are made to order, but from time to time we produce pieces for special reasons such as photo shoots, trade shows, magazine reviews, or to fill out a production run. These pieces are usually premium examples of our work and ironically are usually offered at a discount. Occassionally we will also offer "scratch & dent" or Demo specials. If you are interested in any of these pieces please email us at"
Inventory1 Inventory1
HB-2 In Vintage Cherry Sapele & Black w/Oxblood Grill

Loaded with Celestion V Type Speakers

A perfect example of our amazing HB-2 cabinet; beautiful figure and sounds tremendous.

    Price - $949
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ST-220T SSB in Natural w/Oxblood Grill

Loaded with Celestion Creamback 75 (upgrade)

Perfect example of our SSB line & Featured in the July issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine.

    Price - $1539
Inventory4 Inventory4 Inventory4
ST-1 Poplar in Cherry Burst High Gloss w/Oxblood Grill

Loaded with Celestion G1265 & Handle (upgrades)

Classic look with a huge sound.

    Price - $1124
Inventory4 Inventory4 Inventory4
WA-2 in Slate Grey w/Oxblood Grill

Loaded with WGS Invaders

Incredible combination of elegant yet stealthy looks and huge tone.

    Price - $829
Inventory4 Inventory4 Inventory4
ST-220M in AAAAA Flame Maple in Deep Tiger Gloss w/Wheat Grill

Loaded with Celestion G1265 speakers (upgrade)

Absolutely Gorgeous cabinet that sounds amazing. High Gloss (outdoor reflections in the cabinet)

    Price - $3069 SALE - $2799
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ST-220M SSB in Orange Blaze w/Silver Grill

Loaded with Celestion A Type Speakers 150

Really shows off how vibrant and unique the SSB process is in this deep red/orange. Great lightweight cabinet that sounds killer.

    Price - $1419
Inventory4 Inventory4 Inventory4
SIG-2 in AAAA Figured Maple in Pomegranate w/Natural & White Cane Grill

Loaded with WGS Blackhawk HPs

One of the most unique, beautiful, and toneful 2x12s ever. This is truely the ultimate 2x12.

    Price - $2349
Inventory6 Inventory6 Inventory6
ST-220M SSB in Sunshine w/Silver Grill

Loaded with Celestion Redback Speakers (upgrade)

High power handling cabinet that can put down serious tone.

    Price - SOLD
Inventory6 Inventory6 Inventory6
ULTRA-Bass Cabinet in Fire Red w/Gator Grill

DEMO - Loaded with SICA Drivers. Pre-refined version

Unbelievable cabinet in near mint condition that has been on many stages with some of the biggest names in the bass business. Feel free to ask questions.

    Price - $1659