Below you will find our current inventory. We typically do not stock or produce much inventory as most of our pieces are made to order, but from time to time we produce pieces for special reason such as photo shoots, trade shows, and magazine reviews. These pieces are usually premium examples of our work and ironically are usually offered at a discount. Occassionally we will also offer "scratch & dent" specials. If you are interested in any of these pieces please email us at"
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MEGA-bite T in Natural Ash

Wood Upgrade.

Beauitful 6v6 awesome sounding greatness!

    Price - $1579
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Pomegranate Figured Maple SIG-2

Loaded with WGS Blackhawk HPs

One of the most unique, beautiful, and toneful 2x12s ever. This is truely the ultimate 2x12.

    Price - $2349
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WA-2 Cabernet

Huge and compact.

Loaded with Celestion V Type

    Price - $749
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Ash ST-410

Loaded with Celestion G10n speakers

A perfect example of our 4x10 line. Great grained Ash and rust metallic grill. Biggest sounding 4x10 you will find.

    Price - Please contact: Austin Guitar House
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Purpleheart & Zebrawood Aether

Loaded with a Fane Medusa 150

This particular cabinet is a phenominal example of how large a 1x12 can sound. The rich complex tonewoods coupled with a great driver offer a huge sound. This cabinet has extremely smooth sound, and can handle any style.

    Price - Please contact: Mountain Cat Guitars