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Black Bronco with White Stripes & Sapele


The Super 8 Bass Cabinet is a marvel of tone and size.

This amazing little cabinet is meant to pack a serious punch (600 Watts RMS!!!) with huge dynamic range in a super small package aimed at the player who has limted space available whether on stage or at home. A pair of premium Ciare® brand 8 inch drivers is combined with our internal bracing method in a unique orientation to disperse sound as cleanly and widely as possible. One angled front firing driver receives your full signal while the downward firing bass speaker has a 500hz low pass filter equipped.

The stylish and extremely functional package is both durable and convenient. High placed handles make for easy transport and a metal grill cover keeps the bottom driver well protected. High quality plywood and rugged tolex make for a beautiful pagkage when combined with elegant striping and exotic wood fascia.

If you need a small rig but don't want to sacrifice in craftsmanship or serious tone. The Super 8 is the cabinet for you.

Price - $899