Metal Corners Protect your cabinet with high strength metal corners. Available in silver, black, and gold.
Casters For the ultimate in mobility, add a set of installed pop-out removable casters.
Grill Cloth We offer a variety of acoustically transparant grill cloths but we can also offer traditional styles as well as special requests.
Leather Handle Add a padded leather handle to your speaker cabinet. Available in Black, Vintage Brown, Navy Blue, Dark Red, Cream & Tan.
Inlays & Carvings A wide variety of custom carvving and inlay styles from simple borders to complex patterns are available to create your exquisite unique cabinet.
Tuki Cover Tuki has been doing it right for years! Padded slip covers custom fit for your cabinet. Provides great overall protection.
ATA Roadcase For the ultimate in safety & protection! Custom fit ATA road cases are available.
Spikes For the ultimate in insolation and refinement we offer spike feet in chrome, gold, or black chrome.
Other Options Various other options are available.

Torn Grill? or maybe just want a new look, we make made to order replacement grills for our cabinets.

Special configuration electronics or jacks are available.

We offer the widest available range of speakers for our cabinets, many at no additional charge.

For a truly retro look add a color matched wooden slat grill.