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Shown in Premium Model
Figured Ash & Walnut and Standard Model in Ash and in Black Poplar

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This will quickly become your favorite gigging amp!

Looking for an amp you can travel with, that won't slow you down, and still sound huge?

Look no further than our new ground breaking MEGA-bite series of amps. They offer MEGA sized sound out of a bite sized package, and the tube version is the pinnacle!

18 Watts of Pure 6V6 power paired with a killer 12ax7 based preamp combine to make a tremendous complex tone package to handle any gig.

Ace Pepper, founder of Ace Pepper Custom Amps as well as Thundertweak amps, teamed up with KW Cabs to create this tube monster that is frankly addictive. Ace has a tremendous reputuation in the boutique amp world and is highly regarded for creating incredible tone monters that are ultra-useful amps with no unpleasant characteristics.

Beautifully Simple but Tremendously Versatile!

Just a volume, gain and tone control are at your finger tips. Dialing in a tone has never been easier! Unlike most 3 knob amps that only have 1 or two spots that really shine, the MEGA-bite T sounds amazing through the entire knob sweep of the pots. You can dial in wonderful warm jazz clean, right on up to a great hard rock crunch. And, it's incredibly pedal friendly.

Huge KW sound!

We designed a custom enclosure based on our tremendous ST-1 line; Solid Dove-Tail construction and utilizing our porting design to push out amazing low end from a tiny enclosure. It not only sounds huge, but has terrific harmonic content and complexity thanks to its delicious hardwood construction. Among the most unique features is the angled baffle vent on the top of the cabinet that directs high end frequencies at the player to avoid the need for tilting or raising the cabinet. You get a great true sound image! And the cabinet can be used as a stand-alone cab as well!

Available in 3 Trim Levels, all featuring the same great amplifier section.

Standard -
Stained Poplar (Available Wood Upgrade)
4 Colors (Jet Black, Fire Red, Royal Blue, Vintage Brown)
Custom voiced WGS speaker
Weighs 28 - 32lbs

Ultra-Light -
Natural Sugar Pine
Jensen Tornado Neo speaker
Weighs 21lbs

Ash w/ Walnut Stripe or Walnut w/ Maple Stripe
WGS Blackhawk HP or Celestion Gold
Weighs 31lbs

Starting at - $1399