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Gear Specials

Click on all of the pictures below to view a larger image and use the back button of your browser to return to this page.


ST-1 In Red Mahogany w/o grill

Back of ST-1 with Older model input jacks

ST-1 Back 2nd Pic

ST-1 w/grill awaiting logo

Side of finished ST-1

ST-2 in Russet Amber

This is a closeup of the ports on an ST-2 in Flamed Maple

This gorgeous ST-2 has a Russet Amber finish with vintage style hand applied Vintage Crinkle Poly topcoat, look at that flame!!!!

This is a custom Knotty Pine cabinet order unfinished and w/o a grill.  The customer wanted to hand apply his own finish the try and match another piece of gear.  A very solid open back, sure to have a lot of tone and snap.

This is the Sideview of the same Knotty Pine Custom above.  The same great dovetails that all our cabinets recieve.  Great color on the pine.

The flame on this SP-1 is ridiculous, it's wild and colorful, note the new style dish input jacks.  CHECK OUT THAT FLAME!!!

This is the same gorgeous SP-1 made from super high figure AAAAA Flame maple and Goncalo Alves.  Note the signature W porting.

This is the side of the SP-1 above.  The picture doesn't reveal the true figure and color of the wood, but just note the nice contrast between light and dark natural woods.

A rare look at the prefinished product.  This is what the SP-1 looks like on the inside without a baffle board.  Note the copious bracing most of which still can't be seen.

Note the Signature W style ports offering 5 triangular style ports that offer unheard of tone.

The ST-4 click for large view.

The ST-4 Back great maple!

The ST-1 in gorgeous Ambrosia Maple.

An ST-1 in natural Purpleheart and Zebrawood.

The ST-1 Back, gorgeous Zebrawood!

Another View of this beautiful cabinet.

A great look at the figure in Ambrosia Maple!