Well I managed to post a few pics of my Fly Supreme Tobacco Burst, again it's the first one they made, and I got an awesome factory tour when I bought it.  I bought it from the previous employee owner, and it was dead mint.  Gave me the whole history of it, and I met just about everyone involved in making it.  I'll keep the names out, but apparently the history was that they were making a typical supreme, of which btw they only make about 50-100 a year I was told, it's probably even less now, and for the year or two they offered bursts they only made about 10 a year, so this is truly a rare guitar, not to mention it's the first one.  Anyway, they were making a regular supreme, and noticed that there was a slight discoloration on the side of the body but being it was so beautiful instead of scrapping it they decided to give it a burst, where the dark brown outsides would totally cover the discoloration, and boom the first Supreme burst was formed.  The guitar came out so nicely, that from what I understand Ken decided to keep it in the shop and later gave it away in a raffle at their annual Christmas party, and the person I bought it from was the winner.  Being a huge fan of Parker I couldn't give up the opportunity when asked if I would like to pick it up from the factory when I bought it.  I took the 3-4 hour drive and boom there I was, it was very cool to see everything, and to see how great an operation they were running, not to mentioned I managed to see a few customs.  At the time their custom work was very hush hush, and it was super pricey.  I really don't know what they are charging now, but for instance there was one guitar there that was gorgeous and they told me it was around $10,000+.  Nonetheless Parker makes some of the greatest guitars out there, and I can't wait to get more.  Below, are a few pics of my Supreme.  Please by all means check out our website, which I've included a link to.  If you love Parker guitars, you'll certainly love our cabinets, made from only top-notch and exotic hardwoods and they sound amazing.  I created them originally because I simply couldn't find a cabinet out there that really did everything I wanted and sounded the way I wanted.  I had a woodworking background, and said to myself, why don't I just make one, and the rest is history.  We're celebrating our second year and business is getting better and better.  Hopefully later this year we will be at NAMM, and I plan on introducing and Signature line of guitars later this year as well.  I'm sure they will be amazing, but they'll also be different, and although I'm sure I'll love them, my love for Parker won't be any less.  Thanks, enjoy, and please feel free to contact us with any questions.